MY OYO is your ownership of Oyo State by contributing to its development. With your mobile device, you are empowered to bring to bear your concerns on government and governance. It is you asking questions for good governance.

As a citizen, you can do the following.

Report Problem

Report problem or situation around you to government on My Oyo App. You can report!

Get Facts

Get reliable information on government programmes and operations. The App is a library of records of government’s policies overtime.


Oyo State users of the App receive notification when a problem is reported by a user.


Contact Representatives

My OYO app connects you to your representatives in state and federal assemblies.

Contact MDAS

Contact ministries, departments and agencies from My Oyo App. The app generates an average response time for each MDA based on response time to enquiries.


Ciitizen Engagement Is Easier

Willing government can easily leverage technology to reach millions of citizen at the push of a button. With social media, government can reach random people, both oyo state and non-oyo state residents but with #MyOYOApp, government is certain to be communicating with those currently in OYO state - the ones who matter!


Government can reach its citizens in an organized and systemic manner regularly.


Government have access to feedback from the people.


Government can create a post to target only certain part of the state. Only those within the target group will be able respond!

Open Government

Willing government has the opportunity to allow citizens access to information and data.


My OYO app allows MDAs to report to the people their activities, either in line with the government agenda or their primary responsibilities. This allow the people of Oyo state to see what each MDA is doing to help deliver governance.


In order to make government accountable to its promises and governance points/agenda, the app measures government actions related to all the agenda of government. By this we mean, My OYO app will record daily government actions and tag these actions to the core agenda of government.


My OYO App allows government to reach millions all over the state via push notification broadcast within 10 seconds at the click of a button. If government only wants to reach people living in certain areas, they can choose recipients by LGA, cities or area. That way, only those concerned will receive the alert.

For OYO!

The app has been programmed to deny users outside Oyo state the ability to make post or react to posts. This is because we want only those who are affected directly by government decisions and policies to be able react and say their mind. My OYO will not allow someone who is in the US or Lagos, for example, to make false reports by way of making a post, comments or reactions.

Monitoring Tools Evaluation

Monitor and evaluate how government has been true to its promises and agendas. Get access to information on MDAs, Security and emergency outfits, and much more.


Access Information

We all know how difficult it is to access government information. Getting emergency lines of police, fire service, and much more. A simple Google search for police or ministry of information contact lines returns no meaningful result. My OYO App eliminates this problem by giving you access to these information which are hard to get.


Download My OYO

My OYO guarantees government is reaching the right people and not just random people on the internet who may not even have a feel of what's going on in the state.

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