What is MY OYO App?

My OYO App is a system of communication between the people and government of Oyo State, Nigeria. It is meant for and can only be used by people currently residing in Oyo state. People outside the state will not be able post or report a problem but they can see what the people and government of OYO are doing.

We call it MY OYO so as to let you know we all own Oyo state. As you guard your precious phone because you own it, so we will both guard Oyo state when we know it is ours. My OYO app intends to raise your interest in governance by bringing government close to you. Together we can improve lives by asking questions from those who govern us and putting them on their toes for public good. My OYO App is a powerful tool that provides support to willing government, media and civil society institutions.

What can you do with My OYO APP?

The My OYO App enables the people of Oyo state to report a problem to the government instead of complaining and grudging about government inactions. Why complain when you can report to those concerned?

My OYO is equipped with a list of categories user posts can belong to. This is so that the reports can be well aligned for quick attention. Once you send a report, all Oyo State users receive a notification on the problem you just reported and can join you in raising awareness and calling for government actions.

When you report a problem, concerned government agencies receives a notification too. You will be notified automatically when a government agent reads (acknowledge) your post or when they report the problem has been solved. This way, you can track how effective and responsive government is to its citizens. Excellent, isn't it?

Access to Information

Citizens do not really have the right information about what government is doing. They are often misled by politicians who come on air and make false claims. They get away with it because time has passed and people have forgotten. Information can now be brought out on MY OYO APP no matter how long it has been.

MY OYO APP is about making government accountable

The My OYO app allows government to give feedbacks to the citizens in an organized manner. In order to make government accountable to its promises and governance points/agenda, the app measures government actions related to all the agenda of government. By this we mean, My OYO app will record daily government actions and tag these actions to the core agenda of government. This way, citizens of Oyo state can measure government's devotion and seriousness to promises and policy statements.

Government can contact people in all or certain parts of the state

My OYO App allows government to reach millions all over the state via push notification broadcast within 10 seconds at the click of a button. If government only wants to reach people living in certain areas, they can choose recipients by LGA, cities or area. That way, only those concerned will receive the alert.

See what MDAs are doing!

My OYO app allows MDAs to report to the people their activities, either in line with the government agenda or their primary responsibilities. This allow the people of Oyo state to see what each MDA being funded by tax payers' money are doing to help deliver governance.

Contact MDAS and see Average Response Time

You can contact ministries, departments and agencies from the My Oyo App. The app automatically generates an average response time for each MDA based on their time to respond to enquiries. This is a way of making MDAs more effective.

Connect with State House of Assembly, House of Representatives and Senate members from Oyo State.

My OYO app allows you to connect and send direct messages to your representatives. It provides an opportunity for regular communication between representatives and their constituents.

State and federal representatives can also engage those within their constituents from the app. When a lawmaker makes a post, only those within his constituency can react or comment on such post. This is to ensure lawmakers interface with only those who they truly represent.


Are you in distress? Is there a security situation near you? My OYO app allows you to send automatic distress message to the police when you tap the screen repeatedly five times. The app sends your location and the picture of where you are to the security agencies in real time. This is free of charge!

You can also access contact lines of major security outfits in the state, send messages to them and report crimes around you.

A secure OYO is a prosperous OYO!

Can anyone make bogus post from anywhere in the world and claim to be in Oyo state?

NO! MY OYO App will not allow this to happen. The system has been programmed to deny users outside Oyo state the ability to make post or react to posts. This is because we want only those who are affected directly by government decisions and policies to be able react and say their mind. My OYO will not allow someone who is in the US or Lagos, for example, to make false reports by way of making a post, comments or reactions.

There is already Twitter and Facebook. Why another app?

Government only give feedbacks on social media to people they cannot ascertain currently live or reside in Oyo State. My OYO App aggregates all users across all platforms into one. Beyond that, it guarantees government are reaching the right people and not just random people on the internet who may not even have a feel of what's going on in the state.

  • The geographic area where you use your computer and mobile devices
  • MY OYO APP is about access to information.
  • MY OYO APP is about citizen engagement.
  • MY OYO APP is about creating interest in governance.
  • MY OYO APP is about how governance, good or bad, affects all of us.
  • MY OYO APP is about giving you a VOICE in governance.

Let's join hands and make OYO STATE truly the pacesetter!